What's the difference between guest checkout & creating an online account ?

Not a great deal when actually placing an order for the first time.

The only real difference is when creating an account with PicStop is you need to give your account a password, otherwise all the other details required are exactly the same:

Name, address, telephone number and email, that's it. 

PicStop do not store your payment details in any form, never have done and have no plans to.

Most people say they don't want to open an online account because they don't want PicStop to have their details, we still have your details if you opt for guest account anyway, we need them to ship the order of course. 

It's not quicker to opt for Guest Checkout, If you decide not to have an online account and opt for Guest Account you'll be missing out on these features:

Order Status Check
Loyalty Points
Complete Order History
Copy Invoices
Quick Re-order Function
Address Updating
Event Reminders
Wish List

If you wanted all your details and your account deleting from our systems at any point, just let us know.  

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